There are some screen shots to show PhysTris. This is an unique take on the game, unlike any you've ever seen before. Imagine trying to aim cards at a table in some solitaire game, but using the Valve Source physics engine or Nvidia PhysX. Yeah, it's that different. There's no ordered layering here, and no rhythm bar the one you generate yourself. It's challenging, but so much more rewarding due to that additional level of difficulty, which increases over time.

It will take some getting used to, but you'll soon be lobbing bricks with the best of them, and racking up some considerable high scores. Just get some practice in the Single Mode and take a closer look at the screenshots to really get a feel for the game. It's a great concept and we had a lot of fun designing it and, of course, testing it to the point where we became grand masters of phystris ourselves. We hope you download and enjoy the PhysTris game.